11th Global Communication Association International Conference

Ombudsman - Media and Social Responsibility

​The Global Communication Association (GCA) is pleased to announce the eleventh international conference of communication experts and specialists from around the world, to be held in the historic city of Mysuru (earlier known as Mysore), Karnataka, India, on 28-29 January, 2016.​

The University of Mysore which is celebrating its Centennial (http://centenary.uni-mysore.ac.in/) will be the academic partner hosting this conference. The conference will be one of the highlights of the grand centenary celebrations. 

The 2016 India conference focusing on ‘Ombudsman: Media and social responsibility’, has aroused keen interest amongst many participants from around the globe coming from different academic and industry backgrounds. At a time when there is a massive explosion of the media across the globe, be it of the traditional variety or the new media, it is increasingly being looked upon as a powerful instrument of social change. On the flip side, as with any instrument that can influence vast sections of a society, there are also other  ‘powerful forces’ that will misuse the media for vested interests. The purpose of this conference is to engage in key discussions with an intrinsic aim to share information, promote culture, identify challenges, find solutions and exchange the most updated knowledge on various topics of public relations, media and communication.

About Mysuru (erstwhile Mysore)

The royal heritage city of palaces and a gateway to wildlife, Mysuru, which is about 140 km from Bengaluru (earlier known as Bangalore), the capital city of Karnataka state), has been eminently chosen to host this prestigious global conference on media and communications because of its rich socio-cultural, educational and intellectual heritage. It is the home of the University of Mysore (http://www.uni-mysore.ac.in/), one of the first universities to be set up in the whole of Asia. 

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