The 16th Conference of the Global Communication Association
Future(s) of Communication: Promises and Predicaments
İstanbul, Türkiye
May 15-16-17, 2024 

Hosted by a top-ranked Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, the Global Communication Association (GCA) invites you to submit your abstracts and panel proposals for the 16th annual convention to be held in İstanbul, Türkiye.

A significant aspect of modernity enabled by media and communication technologies has been the collapse of time and distance. Global connectedness through social media platforms, flow of information through the internet, real-time communication through smartphones, and virtual meetings via Zoom have historically been credited for making the world a more connected place. However, unforeseen predicaments of new technologies have raised concerns about the lack of control over their use, the potential biases of machine visions and thinking, and their potential to facilitate crime as well as security and privacy breaches.

However, the contemporary technological assemblage does not allow time for such critical reflections. Paul Virilio suggests that ‘the faster the technology advances, the more accidents we will see’. He described the internet as ‘“the best and the worst of things…the advance of a limitless — or almost limitless — communication; and at some point, it is also the disaster — the meeting with the iceberg — for this Titanic of virtual navigation.’’

The Titanic metaphor refers to the disastrous nature of the contemporary technological assemblage and the gradual disappearance of the gap between the implementation of new technologies and the emergence of their adversary effects. The conference takes the increasing speed of technological development in the field of media and communication as its starting point and explores how and whether, if at all, the predicaments parallel and/or supersede the promises of the implementation of new technologies.

The GCA invites research papers exploring any aspect of issues related to the theme of the conference, including but not limited with the following topics:

  • The risk society, uncertainties, and risk
  • Re-thinking communication and communication theory
  • Life after social media
  • The future(s) of media industry and alternative media economies
  • Reconsidering the methodologies of communication
  • Revisiting the discussion on communication as a discipline or area?
  • Crises of democracy and the media
  • Pedagogy of communication and communication technologies as pedagogical tools
  • Media archeology and revisiting the past
  • Populism and the media
  • Artificial intelligence tools & applications
  • AI and the transformation of society
  • Humanitarian crises and the media
  • Climate change and the media
  • Media persistence
  • Migration, forced displacement, and the media
  • Media worlds of terror
  • Margins of communication – re-thinking the boundaries of interactions
  • Multimodality and the media
  • Search for alternative modalities of the media


  • A 400-word abstract of the paper or panel proposal should be submitted to Professor Suheyla Nil Mustafa at by March 01, 2024.
  • The abstract should include the author(s)’ name, affiliation, areas of research, methodology and significance, followed by keywords.
  • Poster presentations on topics related to the conference theme are also encouraged.
  • Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by two reviewers. The authors of the abstracts will be notified of the acceptance of their abstracts by March 15, 2024.
  • If accepted, the authors who wish to publish their paper in the conference proceedings, the full-length paper (not to exceed 25 pages excluding references and tables) must be submitted by May 01, 2024. All papers should adhere to The American Psychological Association (APA) style manual. For details, visit

A selected number of papers, closely related to the theme of the conference, may be published in the Global Media Journal—Turkish Edition

The conference will take place on the beautiful campus of Marmara University (marmara Üniversitesi Göztepe Yerleşkesi 34722 Kadıköy - İstanbul).

The university is named after the Sea of Marmara and was founded as a university in 1982. It offers courses in five languages, the only multilingual university in Turkey. The university has 13 campuses, 11 institutes, 8 colleges and 28 research centers.

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Abstract Submission Deadline: March 01, 2024

Acceptance Notification: March 15, 2024

Last Date for Registration: March 30, 2024

Full-Length Paper Submission: May 01, 2024

Conference Opening Reception: May 15, 2024, 6:00 p.m.

Conference Panels: May 16-17, 2024

Conference Closing Reception: May 17, 2024, 6:00 p.m.

Optional Tour (excursion to İstanbul): May 17, 2024


An attractive and favorable package will be offered to all participants. Graduate students presenting papers will be given a 50% registration discount. Registration link will be announced in the following weeks.



Please direct any conference-related questions to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suheyla Nil Mustafa

For questions about the Global Communication Association contact Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour


The 16th Conference 

of the Global

Communication​ ​Association 
Marmara University, Istanbul, Türkiye
 May 15-16-17, 2024