The founding members of Global Communication Association are below:

  • Dr. Obaid Said Al-Shaqsi, Dean of Bayan College, P.O.Box 1842, Postal Code 130, Al-Athaiba, Sultanate of Oman,      

                E-mails: or

  • Professor Kang Liu, Director, Program in Chinese Media and Communication Studies, Duke University,                           

            North Carolina, USA, E-mail:

  • Prof. Xiguang Lee, Director, Center for International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China,                                             


  • Prof. Dai Yuanguang, Director, School of Film and Television, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China,                                       


  • Prof. Sun Youzhong, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, E-mail:
  • Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhD, Professor & Chair Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, North Carolina A&T

            State University E-mail:, or

​​​​​Established in 2007 and inaugurated at the Shanghai Global Communication and Development Conference,

GCA is intended to:

  • Foster and promote academic research in global studies;
  • Promote academic collaboration among major universities around the world;
  • Facilitate joint projects and research opportunities among scholars, researchers, and graduate students;
  • Facilitate faculty research and exchange programs;
  • Facilitate joint programs, grant opportunities, symposiums, and timely initiatives among centers, institutes, and global organizations;
  • Explore the myriad opportunities and challenges in the areas of teaching, learning, communication development, globalization, mass media, and international cooperation; and
  • Hold annual conferences throughout the world.

Gradually, other major universities throughout the world will be invited to join GCA. Each member will sponsor an annual conference on a timely global communication theme.

Please direct your comments and suggestions to:

Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhD

Professor & Chair

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

North Carolina A&T State University

1601 East Market Street Greensboro, NC 27411

​United States of America

Founder & Managing Editor, Global Media Journal (
Founder & President, Global Communication Association (

Tel: 336-334-7900 (office) or ,

Personal website: